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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Common Rabbit Problems......

Common Rabbit Problems......

Bunnys don't always mean to be naughty. With some gentle persuasion you can change most bad rabbits into polite, tidy rabbits. This may take some time, but is well worth it.

Pooping and peeing everywhere
Rabbits CAN be litter trained. Rabbits are naturally tidy animals when it comes to the toilet. In the wild, rabbits will use one spot as the toilet, as leaving poops everywhere will let predators know that there are rabbits around, and may lead them to the warren. Most rabbits will poop in the same place if you provide them with a toilet in safe place. Put a few litter trays around to help your rabbit become accustomed to using the litter tray. Place some hay or pellets in the tray to make it a good place to visit frequently. If you give rabbits too much space to roam around in initially, they seem to forget how to use the litter box. Restrict the area your rabbit can roam around in until he/she is using the litter box, then slowly extend the area. Once rabbits are litter trained, they may leave the odd poop around just to let everyone know that this is their territory.

If your rabbit is not spayed or neutered, it can be part of the problem. Unneutered/unspayed rabbits tend to mark territory much more than altered rabbits.

Why do rabbits dig up the carpet?
Rabbits love to dig. Your carpet just happens to be between the rabbit and the dirt... Try getting your rabbit some dirt to dig in instead.

Why do rabbits nip/bite?
Rabbits can bite for several reasons:
  • Rabbits nip to say "I love you". This is usually accompanied by the bunny circling you, often grunting gently. What your bunny doesn't realise is that bunny nips hurt!
  • Rabbits can also bite to get your attention, as in "Hello up there!! I'm down here !!! I need snacks NOW".
  • If you are in the bunny's way, he will bite you to get you to move.
  • If you are holding a rabbit and it nips you, it probably wants to be put down on the ground.
  • Rabbits will attack with their teeth and claws. If you are on the receiving end of this, you are offending and/or intimidating your rabbit. Back off. Bunny bites can be very very painful.
  • If you reach your hand out to pat a rabbit's head, the rabbit may bite you in self defence. Rabbits can't see what is in front of their noses, and not being able so see what is touching them, they will bite you. This is why rabbits will sniff something before taking a bite. Its good manners to put your hand out so your rabbit can see it's not threatening, then stroke your bunny.
To stop your bunny nipping you, try squealing when you are bitten. Rabbits associate squeals with severe pain/fear. Hopefully the rabbit will understand that biting hurts.

Why do rabbits bite each other on the backside?
This is their way of saying "I'm the boss, get out of my way". Now you know this, you can use this to your advantage. To get your bunny to move out of the way, try giving him nudges in the backside. If you are the boss then the rabbit will take your orders and move out of your way.

Why does my rabbit eat fluff and dust?
We don't know. If you find out, let us know. Fuzzy loves to eat dust. Its a novel way to keep the house dust free :-)

Why do rabbits chew cables?
Rabbits living underground often get roots growing into their burrows. This annoys them as it blocks access. The roots get nibbled off by the rabbits to keep the burrows clear. The cables in your lounge room are roots. If they get in your rabbit's way, instinct takes over and they get nibbled... The best way to deal with this is to restrict your rabbit's access to the cables. The best way to do this is to obtain some flexible plastic tubing to cover any exposed cables. If you slit the plastic tubing the whole length, you can put the cables inside. Be sure to pick a hard plastic, as a soft plastic tube is quite edible by bunny teeth.

Why does my rabbit poop in the food bowl?
Rabbits will poop in their food bowl just to show you (and other bunnies) that it is their food bowl. Its basically a territory marking exercise. Fuzzy does it every day, and she is very possessive of the food bowl. If we reach in to get the bowl out, we get grunted at.

Help, my rabbit is chewing furniture/skirting boards/anything it shouldn't be!!!
Rabbits have teeth that continue growing throughout it's life. For this reason, rabbits need to chew things to wear their teeth down. Unfortunately this is often wooden furniture or skirting boards. The first thing to do is buy your bunny something else to chew on. You can buy bunny safe toys from many online rabbit shops. An untreated wicker basket works well too. They also enjoy chewing on sea grass mats. To deter rabbits from chewing on the naughty things, try putting some double sided sticky tape on the area that is being chewed. Rabbits will not like their whiskers getting stuck on the tape. You can also try putting vinegar in the area too, as rabbits find the smell and taste very very offensive. Bitter substances tend not to deter rabbits as they enjoy eating bitter foods (ever tried eating endive? very bitter.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arnab Rimbun Suria = RS RABBITRY

RS= Rimbun Suria
ARBA Member ID No : MOHDRO00
Rabbitry ID No : D 531

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let Check your Rabbits

Whether your intent is to breed rabbits or just to understand the animal better, it can be helpful to learn about a rabbit's reproductive system. Rabbits have a remarkable reproduction system, known for both speed and abundance.
1.  Sexual Maturity
o    Puberty comes quickly in rabbits, at around 4 months for females (does) and an average of 6 months for males (bucks). This age is variant among the different breeds. Sexual maturity and the ability to procreate in a doe is indicated by a congested, purplish vulva and the habit of rubbing her chin on objects. Bucks can procreate whenever they want once they reach maturity.
Female Organs
o    The female rabbit has a symmetrical uterine system, which allows for maximum pregnancies. The uterus is formed by two distinct horns, each of which possesses their own cervix and ovaries. The rabbit vagina is visible, and can be described as relatively large and pliant for the animal's size.
Male Organs
o    The male rabbit is able to retract his reproductive organs into his abdomen. When exposed, a male rabbit has two long hairless scrotal sacs which contain the testes. The rabbit's penis is relatively small compared to the scrotal sacs.
Fertility and Ovulation
o    According to Anna Meredith, head of exotic animal services at the University of Edinburgh, female rabbits are reflux ovulates, meaning their ovulation is triggered by the sexual act. They have no set heat cycles; a sexually mature female rabbit is considered fertile at all times, although certain preferable breeding cycles (vaginal inflammation and chin rubbing) do occur. The male rabbit is also considered constantly fertile.
o    Copulation is a very short affair for rabbits. Courting behaviors by the buck include sniffing and following the doe, as well as expelling quick bursts of urination onto her. These behaviors can last as few as 30 seconds before the sex act begins. The buck mounts the doe for quick vigorous intercourse. The act triggers ovulation in the female about nine hours later

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's The Right Hay?

Timothy Hay
 Alfafa Hay

Rabbit said:Can u help me to choose which one is better???

What's The Right Hay?There are often a lot of questions when it comes to feeding hay. The most popular questions revolve around which type should my pet be eating, Timothy hay or Alfalfa hay? We will take a closer look at both types of hay and hopefully answer some of your questions.

Timothy Hay

Timothy hay has lower levels of calcium and protein than Alfalfa hay does. Timothy hay is great for preventing your pet from becoming obese since it has a lower calories than Alfalfa. The hay is full of fiber which is vital to your pets digestive system. It will help prevent cases of soft stools, bloating, and intestinal gas. Thus it is an important aspect of many animals diets. In addition to digestion the hay also provides another benefit, wearing down teeth. Since the teeth grow continuously eating hay will keep their teeth from becoming over grown.

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay is also packed with fiber but it has higher levels of calcium, protein, and is rich in calories. If your pet is an adult you should limit how much Alfalfa hay is fed, if fed at all. There are certain stages where it can be fed, when the animal is growing, pregnant, or needs the extra calcium. A lot of veterinarians warn pet owners to avoid alfalfa completely with animals that are prone to bladder stones, kidney stones, and to the formation of calcium crystals in their urine.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cleaning, grooming and other rabbit care information

Cleaning, grooming and other rabbit care information

Cleaning ears
You should regularly check inside your rabbit's ears to make sure there isn't any build up of wax or other gunk. If there is, take your rabbit to the vet. Rabbits can get ear mites, which cause itching and a build up of yucky stuff. Never poke anything into your rabbit's ears as you can damage the inner ear.

Do I have to wash my rabbit?
NO!!! Never wash a rabbit unless it is very dirty or has soiled itself. Rabbits can go into shock when you immerse them in water. Rabbits do a very good job of keeping themselves clean and only need help when they are very sick. If you have to wash your rabbit, fill a bath/tub with about an inch of water. Put a towel in the bottom of the bath so the bunny has some grip. Use some gentle shampoo or soap in the water. Try and hold the front half of the bunny out of the water. This may stop her struggling. Gently massage the hind leg/tail area with your fingers and remove any poops. Tip the water out and then replace it with clean water to rinse the bunny. Use towels and paper towels to dry as best you can, then use a hairdryer to direct warm air in the general vicinity of the rabbit. Do not point the hairdryer at the rabbit as you may burn the skin. Generally rabbits will try and lick themselves dry. Don't be surprised if your rabbit sulks for a while afterwards !!!

Cleaning out scent glands
Rabbits have a scent gland either side of their anus. The scent gland needs cleaning out as the scent is a liquid that can clog up the gland. Its a yucky stinky job, but it needs to be done. To clean the scent glands out, get a cotton bud and wet it with warm water. You may need to get someone to help you hold the rabbit upside down securely. Gently swab at the scent glands until the discharge comes off. If you have any trouble doing this, ask your vet to do it for you.

Nail / Claw Trimming
Rabbits need their claws trimmed every 4-6 weeks. The claws are like fingernails, and never stop growing. Most indoor rabbits won't wear their claws down enough, so they will need to be clipped. You can do this yourself using nail clippers, or you can take your rabbit to a vet. If you are doing it yourself, it helps to shine a light from underneath the claw so you can ensure that you don't clip the blood vessel (the pink bit).

Rabbits moult several times a year, and having central heating on inside the house must confuse them. A soft brush can be used to brush out excess hair. Rabbits are good at keeping their fur clean and tidy, so you don't need to bother brushing them everyday.

Sometimes rabbits get sleep in their eyes. Just wipe this away for them. If there is excess gunk or a lot of tears, your bunny may have a problem. Take your rabbit to the vet. Interesting facts - rabbits have a third eyelid, and don't need to blink very often. This is how they can sleep with their eyes open.

If your rabbit is scratching itself a lot, he most likely has fleas. Fleas are small flying insects that are dark brown in color. They aren't easy to find in all that rabbit fur, but you can see small black specs of flea poop that has been left behind. Fleas need to be treated ASAP as the fleas will lay larvae on rabbits, rugs, carpet and anything hair like. The best flea treatment for rabbits is Revolution. The dosage needs to be worked out based on the rabbit's body weight, and is then applied to the back of the rabbit's neck. This is so it is not groomed or licked off. Rabbits should be separated after treatment to ensure they do not lick the flea treatment from each other's fur. Any rugs or material items e.g. towels, that have been around the rabbit should be washed in hot water to kill the larvae eggs. The revolution treatment lasts for a month, but rabbits may need further treatment if more fleas have hatched from the eggs.