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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Mature Netherland Dwarfs should weigh two pounds, making them one of the smallest breed. They are dense, stout, with a round head and wide skull. Their head is set up high on their shoulders. Netherland Dwarfs have bright, bold eyes. Their ears, about two inches or less. Netherland Dwarfs come in a wide variety of colors. The solid colors are: black, chocolate, blue, lilac, blue-eyed white, and ruby-eyed white. The shaded colors are: sable point, Siamese sable, and Siamese smoke pearl. The agouti colors are: chestnut, chinchilla, lynx, opal, and squirrel. The tan patterns are: tan, otter, sable marten, silver, marten, and smoke pearl marten. Other colors are fawn, Himalayan (which can be black, chocolate, blue, or lilac), orange, steel, and tortoiseshell. A Netherland Dwarf will be disqualified from an American Rabbit Breeders Sanctioned competition if it is over two and a half pounds or if its ears are more than two and a half inches long.
Netherlands Dwarfs are generally quite active. Occasionally they can bite, like most rabbits, but the best way to prevent any rabbit from biting is to handle them very often at a young age. (Biting may be caused by hormonal impulses to protect their cage.)  It is recommended that you purchase a rabbit that is five months or older so that you are sure of the temperament. They are not usually mean, but sometimes the personality changes for the worse when they hit maturity. So if you get a young rabbit as a pet, consider spaying or neutering.
Bunnies enjoy toys such as hard balls, cardboard tubes, and boxes to entertain them during the time you are not with them. Most rabbits will use a litter box filled with a non-cedar or non-clumping litter. They need a high fiber commercial diet and enough hay. They also need an occasional brushing.

Monday, September 26, 2011


When two "true dwarfs" (both buck and doe) are bred, the genetic pattern which makes them "true dwarfs" (Dwdw) ensures that a percentage of their offspring will inherent the lethal genetic combination DwDw. These offspring, often called "peanuts" by rabbit breeders, are destined to struggle with life for up to three weeks, and then to die. Reasons behind the death are unknown, but it is believed that peanuts have underdeveloped digestive tracts. The condition is 100% fatal, despite claims of some peanuts living to adulthood. Many ethical breeders humanely euthanize peanuts upon finding them soon after birth. Peanuts are easily distinguished from non-peanuts; they have extremely pinched hindquarters, a bulbous head, and their ears are often set further back than normal (sometimes almost onto the neck).
If two true dwarfs are bred, the statistical result will be 25% fatal 25% false, and 50% true. The actual numbers of true/false/peanuts in a real litter varies. "False Dwarfs" tend to have longer bodies, longer/larger ears, longer faces, and are often heavier than the 2.5 pound maximum weight for showing. While false dwarfs do not make good show rabbits, does from a good background are vital to a breeder's program. They have the same "good genes" as a true dwarf and are capable mothers, often having larger and more successful litters than true dwarfs. False dwarfs are easily judged for quality as the traits are generally the same, only bigger. Ear thickness/shape, fullness of hindquarter, topline, and other traits are the same.
It is common practice amongst Netherland Dwarf breeders to breed a proven show quality true dwarf buck to a quality false dwarf doe. This eliminates the chance of peanuts and yields quality offspring. The chances of false dwarfs is higher, but those offspring generally go toward breeding (some false dwarf bucks have proven themselves valuable to a breeding program) or are sold as pets.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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