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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Desa Vista's EG

Feeding your Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. When feeding a Netherland Dwarf rabbits, it is important to remember that they do not need a high level of sugar or protein or a large bowl full of food. When feeding a mixed food the rabbit must eat everything that you give it. If you over feed the rabbit it will only pick out it's favourite bits and leave everything else and will not get a complete diet. Fibre is of the utmost importance to keep your rabbit fit, healthy and using their teeth correctly.
ADULT RABBITS:The basic diet for a healthy adult rabbit should consist of unlimited access to freeze dried grass or/and a good Quality Meadow hay, along with a variety of fresh vegetables (these need to be introduced slowly) and a limited amount of rabbit food---every day about 1.5oz's . Obesity is common in pet rabbits, and excessive amounts of food should be avoided. The first, soft stools that a rabbit passes are eaten again (a process called coprophagia). This is thought to supply the rabbit with most of its Vitamin B requirement,it also containsabout  healthy bacteria that the rabbit needs to digest their food. Thus helping to prevent diarrhoea.
BABY RABBITS:Rabbit food about 2-2.5oz's, freeze dried grass or/and hay should be available in unlimited quantities to baby rabbits starting at about three weeks of age. 

Hay/ freeze dried grass:is crucial to your rabbit's health as it is the main source of fiber/roughage which aids the digestion, helps prevent g.i. stasis and hairballs and it is helpful in keeping your rabbit's teeth in good shape. Grass hays or freeze dried should be available in unlimited quantities to all rabbits.
Rabbit food, should always be fresh. Don't buy more than three month's supply at a time or they may get stale and lose nutritional value.
Rabbits rely on a stable population of "good" bacteria in their gut, any changes in dietary intake should be introduced gradually to avoid sudden changes in types of bacteria present, as this can result in diarrhoea. Diarrhoea can kill.
My Rabbits are feed on my own mix of Rabbit food, along with Millen Munchy Grass and a Lovely Green Meadow Hay. These can be viewed at Dee Millen Rabbit Accessories.
Millen Rabbit Food:A complementary food for rabbits, to be fed in conjunction with forage such as clean hay or freeze dried grass, fresh water must be available at all times. Oil 4%, Protein 13%, Fibre 10%, Ash 5.6%. VitA 1000iu/kg, Vit D3 1400iu/kg, Vit E 40iu/kg, copper 20mg/kg.
Millen munchy grass:is a freeze dried grass, made from pure grass with only the water taken out. Protein 15%, Fibre 32%, Oil 2%, Prosphours 4g/kg. Very good for making a rabbit use it's back teeth corectly. This is a natural product which may vary in appearance throughout the season, this does not affect the nutritional value
Meadow hay:Last years cut,lovely and green, smells great the bunnies love it,
Water:Clean water must be accessible to rabbits at all times.  A sipper water bottle is the best choice because it cannot be contaminated with bedding, food, feces and urine. Rabbits unfamiliar with a sipper bottle may have to be trained to use it. It is not necessary to add vitamins to the water if the recommended diets are followed. The disadvantages of adding vitamins to the water include; making the water taste disagreeable and promoting bacterial growth. Bio plus can be added to the water when you first bring your pet home, this will help him settle in. Medications can be added to the water  but only under the advice of your vet. If you are not sure whether your bunny is drinking, place a small bowl by the rabbits water bottle. If a rabbit stops drinking, within a couple of days, it will stop eating. So always check that the bottle is working, by flicking the end.
Freezing Water Bottles: I use a product called Vyderphor this is a four in one disinfectant, not only does it help to stop the water from freezing, it also stop the bottles from going green in the summer. It keeps the water fresh and clean. it can also if used stronger be used for cage and aerial disinfecting as well as scrubbing out food dishes and litter trays, i find it very good for getting rid of buck wee from up the walls of cages.
An idea is to have two bottles on the go, one on the cage with a bottle cover on, the other indoors, when you go out to check
bunnies you swap the bottles over, the rabbits will drink almost straight away because the water will be at room temperature,
which they enjoy, and they will soon learn that when it is cold, mummy or daddy will swap bottles.
Dental Care
We all need to take care of our teeth, but that is especially true in the case of pet rabbits. The most common complaint is overgrown molars and enamel spurs that grow from teeth. These spurs generally develop because rabbits aren't eating enough forage and hay. These naturally-abrasive, fibre-rich foods are important because they wear down the teeth Rabbits' teeth grow continuously by an astonishing 2mm every week, or 10-12cm every year, a lack of fibre in the diet means that problems can quickly develop. Left untreated, uneven or insufficiently worn molars can lead to secondary complaints. Even if dental disease has already been diagnosed, the Excel Feeding Plan or correct feeding, can aid the chances of recovery and stop problems deteriorating further.

Monday, November 14, 2011

ND kits available /for sale

available buck and doe
RM250 -rm300 Negotible
pm for the best price
Dob 8/10/2011
boleh ambil pada awal disember 2011
US Bloodlines with pedigree
Chocolate carry

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Midnight's Eclipse (Midnight Rabbitry - ZR Rabbitry - Reko Rabbitry - RS Rabbitry)

CH. Midnight’s Tahoe 
Grand Champion Sr. Buck
G.C. Midnight’s Aldo (REW) x Midnight’s Saratoga (Siamese Sable)

CH. Midnight’s Papaya
Grand Champion Sr. Doe
Bramhall's Mark  (Sia. Sable) x Midnight’s Pear (Sable Marten)
BOSV @ 2007 ARBA Convention
Pictured in the ANDRC Guidebook